Now, as the economy begins to reopen, two lessons learned

To our customers, suppliers, partners and friends,

For the last four months, GBMP, has of necessity, pivoted to predominantly virtual consulting, training and coaching.   Now, as the economy begins to reopen, I’d like to share with you two lessons that we have learned:

Office space adds limited value to our work.
We have discovered that physical distancing for our team does not necessarily reduce presence or alignment.  In fact, the need for very frequent communication during the pandemic has highlighted the advantages of virtual methods like Zoom and Slack.  The GBMP team has not been able to assemble physically since February, but we have met “face-to-face” virtually nearly every day, something that would not be practical in real space.  While do look forward to a time when can occasionally meet in person, we have come to realize that the “new normal” may not require the expense of an office. 

Virtual is here to stay, as a component of learning.
Like many of you, GBMP has adapted to the pandemic’s reality, and we have learned through this difficult process that there are aspects of virtual learning – particularly the explicit learning – that are actually advantageous to both teacher and learner. This is something I would not have subscribed to personally, had pandemic conditions not demanded it; but response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are anxious to be back on-site with our customers “in the Gemba” at some point, but we also anticipate that aspects of virtual learning will continue and develop as an improvement to Lean and Six Sigma learning and organizational transformation. 

While timing for recovery from Covid-19 is no less uncertain for me today than several months ago, life goes on, work continues and so does improvement to the work.

GBMP’s mission, to keep good jobs in our region, is stronger than ever and we will continue to adapt to provide value to our community.   We value our many relationships and look forward to bright outcomes for all of us. 

Bruce Hamilton,
June 25, 2020

3 thoughts on “Now, as the economy begins to reopen, two lessons learned

  1. Isabelle

    This post in my opinion is important in todays society because it is recognizing that going into a workplace everyday and working in an environment away from home is not as needed as it once was. I think the new norm from straying away from working at an office/facility will be beneficial to those parents who have children or pets and will have more time to spend with them and just overall will make a lot of peoples lives run more smoothly. I will leave you with one question however, do you personally think virtual/ remote work will take over and actually stick or will it resort back to the before “normal” once COVID is 100% controlled and taken care of.

  2. Mallory

    This post is very relevant today for so many reasons. It is imperative that we realize that working from home will be the new norm. Hundreds of thousands of workers across the country and world will be working from home for the rest of their lives. As I talked to a former co-worker the other day, he said, “we’re all in the groove now, why stop.” That is an attitude that so many companies and corporations across the world have towards working from home if able to in the long term.

  3. Michael

    Absolutely love the post! Once the world went remote I could not help but to think about all of the waste that the pandemic has helped to expose. My one question for you is do you believe that working remotely could decrease worker efficiency in the long term as workers become fatigued from working at home?


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