A few of my favorite….books

During a recent Tea Time with The Toast Dude webinar, I shared a few of my favorite books. These are the books that I recommend to students of Lean to ground their Lean learning…to understand the philosophies, what is sometimes called  “the Know Why” right alongside “the Know How.”  Too often the countermeasures and tools are attempted without a conceptual understanding or holistic context. These texts provide both, how and why, an integration of the tools and culture required for a successful Lean Transformation.

I hope you find the list useful and discover a few of your future favorite books. Happy Holidays!



2 thoughts on “A few of my favorite….books

  1. Richard Bubb

    Hi Bruce,

    Interesting choice of recommendations.
    “Kaizen” (by M. Imai) was the first CI book I discovered… about 1989 or 1990 or 1991.
    I should take a few pictures of my “library” now & send them to you.

    Best Regards,

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  2. toastguy

    Imai’s book was one of the first that I read too, and very fortunate for me as it championed the idea of “many small changes for the better” over the “kaizen event. “


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